Maintenance Tips for Your Range Hoods

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The range hoods are becoming a common sight in most kitchens. This is the case if you are engaged in heavy cooking that will produce a great deal of smoke. Also referred to as vent hoods. Available in retail are different designs, styles, and sizes. Each with its own set of features. Despite the differences that result from their manufacturers, cleaning and maintenance are fairly similar. Briefly described are tips on how to clean your vent hood.


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Examine for problems

Many disturbing signs show your hood is unable to perform what it is supposed to. For instance, the vent hoods can easily wear down with time due to a build up in grease. The machinery will eventually wear down when used frequently. Take note of the situations where you will need time to effect repairs and maintenance.

If you notice that despite the machine being on its highest setting it is unable to clear away an accumulation of smoke, there must be a problem. In most cases, grease might have clogged the duct. Alternatively, the fan might be malfunctioning due to worn out greasy motors. Finally, the issue might be arising from air filters requiring cleaning or replacement. Another indicator of a malfunctioning vent hood is the presence of a loud humming sound when running. Such weird sounds indicate it needs urgent cleaning. This might be an object rubbing against it, obstructing proper function. A button or light malfunction will have arisen from the control board panel and will require an electrician to fix.


Cleaning the filter

The air filter is responsible for removing dirty air particles and pushing them outside the home in a ducted wall mount range hood. On the other hand, the ductless filters recirculate the air. The filters in range hoods can either be metallic or charcoal. Both of which are easy to clean. The metal filter requires degreasing after which its to be placed in warm soapy water. Reattach it back after drying it completely. The removal process for the charcoal filters is relatively the same. However, cleaning is not possible. You are forced to replace the filter annually or as soon as it loses its effectiveness.


Clean the range hood itself

This is a no-brainer. All you have to do is turn it off and use a regular household degreaser or cleaning spray. The nonabrasive variety works best. Avoid spraying the cleaner on its light bulb.


Clean the vent

Regularly service the vent leading to the outside of the house. The more frequent the clean, the better. An accumulation of grease in the vent can impair normal functionality. In worst case scenarios it can lead to a fire hazard. A buildup of grease at this point can warrant the services of a cleaning professional.


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Replace your motor and clean the fan

The fan motor is strong enough to run without maintenance. However, when checking out your vent hood, examine it too. There are cases where the fan gets exposed to excessive grease or humidity and begins to malfunction. If this is the case, remove it and have it decreased. If it does not work, then its replacement is the only remedy.