Best home maintenance tools


Do you love your home? If yes, then you have to maintain it so as it can always remain in shape. For you to keep the home, you must have the maintenance tools in your home. There are different kind of maintenance tools you can have in your home. This article provides you with the must have tools in your home; hence, your work on researching the maintenance tools has been made easier.

Here are the ten most important tools for home maintenance. These tools are just perfect for the individuals who regard themselves to be handy or not handy. Also, these eight tools can be used by anyone regardless of the skill level.

Tools you will need to maintain your home

Needle nose pliers


This tool will help you cut or hold wires that you may need in tightening something or help you hold small things in a hole where your finger cannot reach. This tool is a necessity in a home, especially when trying to fix the electrical wires in the house.

Set of screwdrivers

At one point or the other, you will need to tighten loose screws or buy new furniture which requires being put together, or making some changes to a light fixture. To do all these tasks, you will require a set of screwdrivers. The screwdrivers you need do must not be fancy, just buy a simple set of screwdrivers and you will be good to go.

Tape measure

The tape measure will play a great role in taking measurements in a particular area of the house to be sure whether a certain furniture or appliance will fit in the space you want the item to be placed. The tape measure must be longer so as you can use it to measure any length around the home.


A hammer is a basic tool to have at home. When trying to fix a broken furniture, the thought of a hammer comes in mind. Hence, ensure you have the hammer in your toolbox.


A 9” level can be used in hanging different pictures or a mirror on the wall of your home. And if you need to create new furniture from scratch, you will need a 2ft level. The size of the level you want will depend on the kind of task you will want to engage.

Utility knife

Do you receive packed deliveries at home? Then you will be required to have a utility knife which makes the unpacking process easier.

Cordless drill and drill bits

This tool is an essential tool at home since it makes hanging of things such as mirrors or the shelves easier and quicker.

Flash light

The flash light will come in handy when the lights go off unexpectedly. Also, you may need the flash light when you decide to go to the dark area of your basement. The flash light can be used to in different tasks that are associated with darkness.

The above must have home maintenance tools are essential; hence, if you do not have all of the above tools, you must plan on buying them for proper maintenance of your home.