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The objective of the Research and Internship Assistance Program is to provide an avenue for joint research projects and sharing of experiences between Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean, all towards improving agriculture and allied industries in the Americas.  The program provides grants and support to individuals working in agriculture in Canada and Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC).  The program is divided into two components: 

  • Research Projects
  • Agriculture Internships

The program is open to individuals in Canada and other IICA Member countries in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) from the public and private sectors working in agricultural sciences, farming, and agribusiness. Projects to be undertaken during the internship must relate to one or more of IICA’s Technical Concentration Programs for 2014-2018.  The application is now available electronically. To access the application please click here.  The application must also be accompanied by personalized letters of support from both a home and host/counterpart institution.  Incomplete application will not be assessed.  Proposals will be reviewed for relevance, potential impact, and the potential for a continued relationship.   For more information on the program please review the electronic brochure available by clicking here .



If you would like to receive updates on IICA Canada’s Research and Internship Assistance Program, please contact us at 613-230-1044 or email your request to



The Internship Assistance Program has evolved over the past decade and a half.  The program was initially developed from a framework for cooperation established in 1996 between IICA-Canada, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and Canadian academic and research institutions to promote joint studies of mutual interest. Since inception, IICA Canada has been able to support more than 150 individuals in their work throughout the Americas.  The Program supports researchers, academics, farmers, and agriculture leaders and administrators to participate in activities and projects that contribute to agricultural health and food safety, technology and innovation, trade and agribusiness development, and sustainable rural development in the Americas.



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