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 3-4: Value Chain Innovative Forum, Mississauga, Canada

14-15: Sixth Summit of the Americas, Cartagena, Colombia


2: IICA Canada’s Annual Accountability Seminar, Ottawa, Canada

3-5: Canadian Association of Science Centers 2012 Conference, Ottawa, Canada

6-9: Global Development Symposium—Critical Links between Human and Animal Health, Guelph, Canada

9-11: SIAL Canada Agri-Food Expo, Montreal, Canada

27-29: Innovation Meets Commercialization Conference and Expo, Niagara Falls, Canada

27-29: Canadian Institute of Food Science & Technology’s 50th National Conference, Niagara Falls Canada.


20-22: RIO + 20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil



2011 - Director General's Visit to Canada (Meeting with the Honourable Gerry Ritz, the Minister of Agriculture)

2011 - Accountability Seminar and Sharing of 2011-2014 IICA Canada Technical Strategy

2011 - Visiting Stakeholders in Ontario 


2011 - Visiting Stakeholders in Western Canada

2010 - Signing of LOI with Canadian Verterinary Reserve



2010 - Wishing Dr. Michael Bedoya all the best in retirement and welcoming Dr. Audia Barnett as new IICA Canada Representative


2010 - Official Visit from Dr. the Honourable Christopher Tufton, Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries for Jamaica

2010 - Director General's Visit to Canada (Meeting with AAFC)

2010 - Official Visit from The Honourable Joanas Gue, Minister of Agriculture for Haiti

2009 - Signing of MOU with NAPPO

2008 - Director General's Visit to Canada (Lecturing at the University of Ottawa)








Whetting the appetite for food security Ottawa, ON, June 13, 2012/The Embassy News/ - 2015 is in sight! This is when countries all over the world will record how they have done based on their commitments to the eight Millennium Development Goals. More... 

Innovation is a Panacea Worth Exploring Ottawa, ON, October 10, 2011/The Hill Times/ - The notion that innovation is the key to economic recovery and development is one which has taken root in developed and developing countries alike. And no wonder. A look at the BRICS countries— Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, the emerging economies that today epitomize buoyancy, hope and economic reform, is convincing. In this hemisphere, Brazil has vividly demonstrated the value added derived from investing in innovation. More...

Harnessing the Benefits of Technology

Ottawa, ON, September 19, 2011 /The Hill Times/ - Canada together with the rest of the Americas is being eyed as the knight in shining armour—to save the world from inadequate food supplies in the future. Statistics and data on the availability of arable land worldwide support the notion that the Americas is best placed to produce the food needed for the nine billion population anticipated come 2020. How is this going to be achieved? More…

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